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Machinery & Equipment Liability

Even if your company is based out-of-state, if a driver was involved in an accident in Oklahoma and is bringing an equipment liability suit against you, we can represent you.

Oklahoma Equipment Liability Attorneys

Our vast experience in the realm of machinery and equipment liability law in Oklahoma distinguishes Secrest Hill Butler & Secrest. Our attorneys understand the bedrock law involved, as well as the engineering, scientific and technological aspects, which enables us to begin preparing your defense from the time an accident happens.

Aircraft, Tractor, Trailer, Car and Truck Defect Liability Defense

At Secrest Hill Butler & Secrest, we represent insurers and corporations in defect liability defense matters involving aircraft, tractors, trailers, cars and trucks. We also assist companies facing defect liability claims concerning cranes, construction equipment or other machinery. We have more than 25 years of experience defending clients who build equipment and their components, as well as their insurers.

A Hands-on Approach to Defective Machinery Defense

Our attorneys understand that a defect liability case can significantly affect your business. We take a hands-on approach in each case, making certain that you understand the implications of each decision made. If you are facing a machinery or equipment liability dispute that is headed for litigation, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm.

To reach one of our Tulsa defective machinery lawyers, call 918-494-5905 or contact us online, and we will respond promptly. One of our experienced attorneys would be happy to speak with you.

Aggressive Litigators & Experienced Negotiators

Our attorneys enjoy a reputation as aggressive litigators and experienced negotiators. We take great pride in our ability to bring parties together to resolve disputes without protracted litigation. However, when litigation is unavoidable, our clients appreciate our vigorous and tenacious advocacy in the courtroom.

Aggressive Litigators & Experienced Negotiators in Tulsa, OK

Delivering Results for Our Clients

Our assertive, results-oriented approach regularly results in favorable outcomes for our clients. If you are an insurer looking for an Oklahoma insurance defense lawyer, or a corporation, professional or local business with litigation threatening, contact our law firm online or call 918-494-5905. One of our attorneys would be happy to speak with you.

Delivering Results for Our Clients in Tulsa, OK